Julia Hass is a lifelong crafter and doodler who taught herself to embroider from a kit as a kid. She picked designing her own embroidery up as a hobby to keep her occupied during a bad concussion. The concussion got better. The embroidery bug didn’t.

In addition to being a lifelong crafter, Julia is a lifelong animal lover. Double Boop Embroidery is named for her two pet gerbils, who she affectionately refers to as her “boops”, and is a play on the technique known as double hoop embroidery. She almost exclusively does single-hoop embroidery, but it would be pretty rude to name her shop after only one of her assistants.

When she isn’t embroidering, Julia is a college student majoring in Digital Journalism and plans to become a children’s librarian. Her main website featuring her writing and artwork can be found here.